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The Honey Sun CSH Subscription

For less than a cup of coffee a day this year long Community Supported Herbalism program ensures that you will receive four seasonally tailored herbal packages sent out with the moon. Hand crafted by Evelyn Block and Justine Hazelcorn, each box will contain 7-9 products and an informational zine (instructions, season profiles, local art). Pick up or drop off are available in Miami and all others will be delivered to their respective homes!

What is a CSA, WHAT is a CSH?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs were created to connect consumers with producers. It was meant to build relationships between farmers and families in a process that left little unknown in the way of quality. It was farm to table before farm to table was cool!  Knowing exactly where your food is coming from is a right that we as a society have become so accustomed to being without. Working off a similar model, herbalists across the world have worked out a way to bring Community Supported Herbalism (CSH) to the people as well.

Just like having fresh organic vegetables grown specifically for your health, herbalists formulate and curate with the utmost intention to bring you quality medicine for your mind, body and heart. Like farmers, herbalists follow the seasons. Each box you receive will be prepared with an array of offerings that were either wildcrafted or locally grown. We take the time to talk and consider YOU and what each season has to offer in the way of health and energetic understanding.

You are supporting a small local business who’s entire goal is to deliver goods that will leave you feeling nurtured and cared for. You can rest easy knowing that all products are made with you and your family’s well-being in mind. 

Spring 2020-Winter 2021

Price includes FREE shipping.

Local?? We'd love to setup a pick up or delivery time with you! Message us for more details.

Spring 2020 Sample Box

  • Throat Gargle
  • Tincture
  • Tea Blend
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Oxymel
  • Fire Cider
  • Smoke Blend
  • Protective Mask
  • And more!



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